Budweiser Rocket Car “Speed of Sound”

Produced and Directed by Craig MacGowan (DMB&B/D’Arcy Advertising) this commercial was filmed at Edwards Air Force Base in California on the Rogers Dry Lake Bed (where Shuttles land) and documented the history-making breaking of the sound barrier on land by the Budweiser sponsored rocket car of Hal Needham and Bill Frederick.  The rocket car was driven by famous stunt driver Stan Barrett.  It took several attempts but finally a side-winder missile was added to the rocket cone to give that extra blast to break the sound barrier officially tracked by the Air Force at 739 mph. The car’s rear wheels lifted off the ground for nearly 1,000 feet and landed exactly together.  If they hadn’t, that would have been the end of the rocket car and Barrett. Even Chuck Yeager,  Lt. General USAF Ret., was there to congratulate Barrett and Neadham and even flew his own plane to bring a new rocket cone from Long Beach for the final run. Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947 over  the same spot where Barrett and the Budweiser Rocket Car did it in 1979. This was just one of the many adrenalin pumping commercials Craig produced for Budweiser including race cars, hydroplanes, jet boats, Baja trucks, balloons and let’s not forget the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales!

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