2D/3D Digital Cinema Releases:

American Railroad 3D
A 90-minute film about the magic of American railroads from nostalgic beginnings to the state of the art in rail transport. How the railroads continue to build America and make it run. Also in HDTV release, DVD, Blu-ray, website. With Robert Mehnert.

Looking Down at the Sky
A full-length motion picture based on a novel and screenplay by Robert Mehnert. A love story set against a scientific adventure. Romantics say that love transcends time and space and now scientists will have to agree.

El Rostro! The Image That Changed the World
2-hour HDTV / 2D / 3D / Digital Cinema release tracing the journey of Latin art of Christ from Spain and Portugal to the New World.



Superheroes of the Mind and Heart
Six one-hour docu-dramas about great thinkers and teachers who invented many of the systems we use today and had a vision of a better world that can work today. Based on the book Pythagoras by Peter Westbrook. Developing with Denise Baddour, Light Path Media.

Splitting Seconds All About Atomic Time
Multiple two-hour documentaries about how accurate time and frequency measurement (atomic time) makes things work everyday from stoplights to cellphones, GPS and on to the planets. Visually mind-blowing and highly educational and entertaining. With Mihran Mihranian, Charles Oliver Cooper and others.



The Blessing Time: Sight Saving and Life Changing in Fiji
It is a place of unimaginable beauty where colors rule majestic in the water and on land. Everywhere one looks there are truly magnificent sights to behold. But not for many residents of the Islands of Fiji.

A large portion of the Islands populations suffers from severe eye disorders. The chance of having costly corrective surgical procedures have been non-existent. They cannot behold the paradise they live in and cannot even see their families and friends. Looked down upon as unproductive. A burden to society.

This is their story and the story of Dr. Jerold Beeve and the time of year when the doctors of the Beeve Foundation for World Eye and Health Care come to Fiji. A time known to the Islanders as the Blessing Time.

A one-hour HDTV documentary set to air via PBS Plus stations domestically. DVD and foreign syndication.

American Gospel Soundstage
Multiple one-hour HDTV music shows with Urban Gospel music acts set in great American icon exteriors backgrounds. Urban Gospel star music host, on-the-road segments, talent contest for new music artists and groups with record contract and CD sessions as a prize. Available in a one-hour special.


The above listed projects are in production or development and are the intellectual property of Craig MacGowan, Voyager Productions, Ltd., Inc., and/or other companies and partners as indicated. All projects are copyrighted, including all rights reserved worldwide. Trademarks submitted.

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