Voyager Productions is headed by Craig MacGowan, who brings his vast experience directing and producing together with putting teams of the best creatives, writers, film and HDTV crews plus advanced post production together to solve any production problem.

Craig MacGowan has over 30 years of experience in mediums ranging from long format 35mm film and TV shows to production in HDTV and other digital formats. He has also produced a very long list of award winning TV and radio commercials for industry giants, now icons in the commercial world.

Mr. MacGowan’s Voyager Productions’ PBS documentary project in 2001 – The Face was produced in two formats: a full-length 35mm feature film and a 2-hour documentary released in HDTV which aired on PBS stations nationwide. Craig produced and directed the EMMY Award winning program which was filmed by Dean Cundey, ASC. It received excellent national and local critical reviews and was watched by one of the largest audiences, nationwide, on public television. Filming locations, editing and post production were international in scope. “The Face” continues to run each year at Christmas and Easter and has become an “Evergreen” especially on PBS HDTV outlets which run it year long. It has had over 10,000 airings.

God, Country, Notre Dame: The Story of Fr. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, was a one-hour HDTV release that aired on the Hallmark Channel to rave reviews. The program received the prestigious Gabriel Award for Best Religious Documentary Program and a Cinematography award, as well as a Telly Award. MacGowan produced and directed. It also runs on PBS stations.


Some benchmark commercial campaigns produced in volume include:

[This Bud’s For You]
[Weekends Were Made For Michelob]
[Heartbeat of America, Like a Rock]
[Getting To Know You]
[The New Dodge, California’s Truck Stop]

As a producer and director Craig has vast “ahead of the curve” experience with visual effects including all things digital and “in the lens” special effects, which, combined with writing and audio acumen give MacGowan a unique command of the industry. This experience, combined with a well known and wonderful ability to work with, and get along with, contribute to and inspire, individuals and teams, have garnered positive critical acclaim and awards that have earned him the respect of production companies, directors, cameramen, editors, post production houses, agency production teams and creative directors. He is an ahead of the curve HDTV and Digital Cinema and 3D Digital Cinema expert both in shooting and post.

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